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  1. Writer

    Helping kids to stay safe and secure online with a Scottish writers' residential

    Will Maclean recently attended a residential workshop we organised with BBC Children's at Cove Park in Scotland on developing narrative content to help with children's online safety. He explains how he got involved, what happened and what the potential outcome will be.

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  2. BBC Writersroom

    Class Dismissed Sketch Initiative 2017 - Top of the Class!

    Find out which four writers have been selected for the Class Dismissed 2017 sketch initiative, to have their sketch produced for series 3.

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  3. Producer

    Katie Morag

    In the first of our focus on Scotland the Producer of the CBeebies series Katie Morag explains the process of writing the show and how it manages to tackle serious issues like grief for a pre-school audience.

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  4. Writer

    The Worst Witch - adapting classic books for CBBC

    Emma Reeves is the screenwriter of CBBC's new adaptation of the much loved The Worst Witch stories. She explains how she found a fresh new take on the stories by talking to and getting to know the books' author, Jill Murphy.

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  5. Writer and Journalist

    What are little girls made of?

    Jane Marlow reports from the Children's Media Conference in Sheffield on a session examining gender balance and portrayal in content made for children.

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  6. Writer

    Adapting 'Hetty Feather' for CBBC

    Hetty Feather's journey from the pages of Jacqueline Wilson's novel to the CBBC screen.

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  7. Development Producer, BBC Writersroom

    Writing for Children

    BBC Writersroom's new Development Producer Simon Nelson introduces himself and offers some advice on writing for Children's programmes.

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  8. Writer

    Creating and writing 'Eve' for CBBC

    Writer Emma Reeves blogs about the rocky road to creating a new series for CBBC: 'Eve'.

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  9. Script Editor/ Writer

    Andrew Burrell blogs about script editing and writing on series 2 of the ground breaking CBBC animated series, Strange Hill High.

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