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  1. BBC Writersroom

    Class Dismissed Sketch Initiative 2017 - Top of the Class!

    Find out which four writers have been selected for the Class Dismissed 2017 sketch initiative, to have their sketch produced for series 3.

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  2. Writer

    The Worst Witch - adapting classic books for CBBC

    Emma Reeves is the screenwriter of CBBC's new adaptation of the much loved The Worst Witch stories. She explains how she found a fresh new take on the stories by talking to and getting to know the books' author, Jill Murphy.

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  3. Writer

    The CBBC New Voices Initiative

    Writer Gareth Sergeant shares the secrets of the CBBC New Voices initiative.

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  4. Script Editor/ Writer

    Danger Mouse proves watching loads of TV is good for kids!

    Writer and Script Editor Andrew Burrell explains the love behind the re-boot of Danger Mouse for the kids of 2015.

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  5. Writer and Journalist

    What are little girls made of?

    Jane Marlow reports from the Children's Media Conference in Sheffield on a session examining gender balance and portrayal in content made for children.

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  6. Writer

    Adapting 'Hetty Feather' for CBBC

    Hetty Feather's journey from the pages of Jacqueline Wilson's novel to the CBBC screen.

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  7. Writer

    Creating and writing 'Eve' for CBBC

    Writer Emma Reeves blogs about the rocky road to creating a new series for CBBC: 'Eve'.

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  8. Script Editor/ Writer

    Andrew Burrell blogs about script editing and writing on series 2 of the ground breaking CBBC animated series, Strange Hill High.

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  9. Writer

    Elly Brewer, lead writer on The Dumping Ground, blogs about the development of the new CBBC drama series and how the writing process works.

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  10. Writer

    Debbie Moon, writer and creator of brand new fantasy action drama, Wolfblood, blogs about how a script she submitted via a BBC writersroom open call, led to a commission for an original on CBBC.

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