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Thursday 27 May 2010, 18:05

Dan Tetsell Dan Tetsell

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How's everyone been?

Just a quick heads up that Newsjack (Radio 7's open door topical sketch show) is returning for a third series, starting in June.

A refreshed Writers' Brief should be up any day now but essentially the idea's the same - a deadline for sketches of midday on the Monday before transmission (and a slightly later deadline for one liners).

This series is being produced by Sam Michell and Simon Mayhew Archer - making me officially the oldest, shortest and least boybandy of the editorial team. In the spirit of the new regime, some of the sections and returning items in the show will be getting a shake up. Some will be shaken all the way out of the door. I'll also be sharing the script editing duties this series, so at some point I'll be handing over the secret BBC blog password. Oh, go on then, I can trust you - it's K1LL6Mu$ic.

The first show goes out on Thursday 17th June, which makes the first sketch deadline 12pm Monday 14th. Keep an eye on the show's page for more specific details in the next few days.

Those of you new to the show might like to have a look at some of my previous blogs, particularly my partisan ravings about sketch formatting. If you're unfamiliar with the show, have a listen to the first one of the new series to get a flavour and, as always, if you're able, I think coming along to a recording is both fun and informative. Like an episode of Zingzillas. Except fun and informative.

Bam! Yeah! Take that, Cbeebies.

If you can top that sort of blistering satire, then maybe Newsjack is the show for you.


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