BBC Executives, and what they want from writers

Monday 13 October 2008, 18:29

Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

While having a hunt through the dustier corners of the site archive, I've found some video interviews we did with various BBC Execs.

Some of them have moved on since then, but there's still lots of useful information for writers in the interviews, so I've put them up.

Jane Tranter - Head of Fiction (to 2008)

John Yorke - Controller, Drama Production and New Talent

Jon East - Head of CBBC Drama

Jon Plowman - Head of Comedy (to 2007)

Oh, and the clips are in RealPlayer - if you're having any trouble with 'em, try BBC Webwise to download a free player.


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    Comment number 1.

    I really wish the BBC would make this content available in something other than Realplayer. I've tried using it on my Mac and it takes over the whole machine like a virus. Why can't all content not be streamed in cross-platform flash, like some of the Radio 4 stuff?

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    Comment number 2.

    As this is archive material, all we have is what was encoded at the time.

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    Comment number 3.

    I'm really pleased with this..

    It was just what I needed to help me with my project..

    Thank you for this valuable info and to the time taken by

    Jane Tranter
    John Yorke
    Jon East
    Jon Plowman

    Thank's. Again for someone to think about leaving these personal thoughts for writers to think about from the then Heads of Departments.


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    Comment number 4.

    Hi am a young Kenyan script writer.coincidentally, my name-ombaka- means story teller.I'm also an upcoming actor.supposing I write ascript will it be accepted by the bbc even though i'm not british?Am I allowed to write about anything I want or could you be having guiding ideas to some kind of story you would like?

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    Comment number 5.

    I am a young upcoming kenyan scriptwriter.incidentally, my name-ombaka- means a story teller.I am also a talenetd public speaker and actor. supposing I write and submit a script to you, will it be accepted even though I'm not british?I had submitted a script entitled 'the dead man' to the bbc radio's outlook programme earlierthis year since I had not yet known about this link.Am I allowed to write about anything or are there any lead ideas that you may give me .
    Thank you.


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