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TV Drama - The Writers' Festival, created and organised by the BBC writersroom for writers with a successful broadcast credit or commission, has successfully come and gone.

More than 240 professional writers descended upon the Leeds College of Music for two days to listen to the likes of Stephen Butchard discussing his painstaking research on Five Daughters, Matthew Graham talking about the difficulties of ending Ashes to Ashes, Tony Marchant arguing against biopic culture, and Adam Curtis explaining why most TV drama is rubbish.

We had a packed schedule, with three streams running simultaneously most of the time, so there was always something to do.

Many thanks to event curators and advisory board Tony Marchant, Jack Thorne, Alice Nutter, Toby Whithouse, and Stephen Butchard who helped to choose and shape the event, ensuring that it was an open, honest platform to explore what it means to be a writer in 2010, to appreciate how programmes are made, and to understand the craft, art, and business of writing.

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