Time for me to rewrite my first draft. Although it sounds like a pain-staking task, I do enjoy it. The bulk of the script's down so it's just a case of strengthening the characters and sprinkling a bit of magic comedy dust over it. (Mind you, if it was that easy I suppose there wouldn't be a re-write... aaarrgghh!) My best inspiration for gags definitely comes from real people. Living in Costa Del Salford means I only have to hang out of the window for a bit of inspiration. It's also great when I'm stuck for character names - the amount of Levi's, McKenzies and Destinys on my street has certainly opened up my eyes.
Watching Gavin and Stacey on BBC3 has inspired me too! What a great sitcom, and the charcaters are fabulous, particularly the lovely 'Nessa. It's such a simple idea, executed brilliantly and rapidly becoming my new favourite - thank God 'cos something's got to replace Peep Show!


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