Writersroom North

I've just returned from an event at The Lowry in Manchester to celebrate and bring together the writers and industry partners we've been working with across the north. Kate Rowland spoke passionately about the importance and strength of our work in the north, while John Yorke waxed lyrical about the BBC Writing Academy and Mark Catley entertained us with his journey from community theatre to BBC TV via writersroom and the Academy.

The place was full of writers - from the freshest of new talents to the most experienced of voices - and it was one of those rare moments where we can truly see how the work writersroom has been doing has benefited the writer, the BBC and industry at large. It was also one of those moments where you realise the work never stops and there is still much to do.

The next day I took part in a residential scheme, organised by our Project Manager in the north, Katherine Beacon, bringing together a group of writers from our partner theatres in the north to develop new ideas for new platforms. Tim Guest from Second Life has introduced them to interactive worlds and avatars, John Fay who recently wrote Mobile for ITV spoke about creating worlds in TV drama, and the writers are immersed in generating ideas. It's just the start of new relationships with writers, new ways of working, new ideas being developed.


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