Writers Academy 15

Even Shorter List

We're now down to the final 13 who will be interviewed next week. The two workshop days last week were brilliant. Kate Rowland and I met twenty nine writers and they got to find out a bit more about Continuing Drama and whether it was for them. All the writers were good, but it was a process of finding who we felt could be the "all rounders" - those who'd be as a happy writing Holby as Doctors, EastEnders as Casualty.

The joy of the whole workshop process is we're uncovering talent, not just for the Writers Academy but for the whole department. Each writer who doesn't make it onto the Academy is given feedback and looked at by the shows separately - either for commission or for one of the shadow schemes which all four shows are running. The Writers Academy is just one way into writing for Continuing Drama, and it's by no means the only way, and I am really hoping lasting relationships will be formed with some of the shortlisted writers by individual shows too.

The involvement of the Writersroom also means that the writers will be given access to other parts of the BBC - advice on how to get seen by Radio, Childrens etc...as part of their feedback.

So, for those who don't make it past this stage the story doesn't end here....


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