BBC writersroom roadshows - Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham, Norwich

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We have some new dates for BBC writersroom roadshows.

If you don't know what it's all about, basically we send our Top People around the country to talk about what we do in the office.

So they'll get up on a stage to tell you about how the BBC writersroom works, what we do with your scripts, and what the script readers are looking for when they assess them. And then there'll be a chance to ask us any questions you might have at the end.

You can also hand in a script to us in person rather than sticking it in the post. That's a couple of quid in postage saved right there.

Dates and places:

Sheffield - Wednesday 17 June 2009
Liverpool - Wednesday 1 July 2009
Nottingham - Friday 3 July 2009
Norwich - Wednesday 16 September 2009

So if you're interested in coming along to any of these, head along to the roadshow page to book your free ticket.

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