Ah, the children of the night

I can't believe it - it's still sunny in Manchester! Obviously, to counteract such a glorious predicament my body has decided I need a cold. Nothing goes better with an ice cream than snot. However, it's my birthday on Monday so I expect I'll get a few diamonds to make me feel better – for reference, all shopping vouchers will be burnt upon opening.

It's been an interesting couple of days at the BBC. I was able to watch some sort of bomb-scare from my window yesterday, so that lightened the mood. This is Manchester, so it couldn't have been an Easter bonnet parade. My script's coming along, although yet again I face the daunting prospect of feedback from a real BBC Producer! It's great to hear what other people think of my work, as long as they use phrases like "hilarious", "so funny I wee'd" and "Norwich genius"...

This week I've been watching a lot of 'Nighty Night' and 'Peep Show' so I'm trying to get back to my filthy roots. I often think I'd be better suited to late night Channel 5, but the BBC asked first. I'm like a vampire – once you invite me in, I just don't leave.

I should be heading home to Norwich for Easter, which is exciting. I haven't been back since before Christmas, and I hear we've got an indoor toilet now so I can't wait. I shall be entertaining myself on the journey home with the latest instalment of 'Love It!' magazine – a must-have for any up-and-coming media types. I never get bored of real life stories about stripping dwarves. (If anyone from 'Love It!' is reading, I'm sure you now owe me a free subscription...)

It's my Dad's birthday next week too, so Happy Birthday El Scorpio! (He's a wrestler.) And just in case any of my family were thinking of buying me a nice 'writer's' pen for my birthday, I'd rather just have the cash x x x


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