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It's the last thing I need - new writers coming in, lots of them really young, being funny, showing us grouchy old hacks how to do it. I've got a family to feed, a fat mortgage to pay and a high maintenance dog.

But I remember when I started writing, trying to focus on the work yet knowing that when it lands on somebody's desk or in their inbox there is an inbuilt resistance to new writers, an assumption that you'll be a bit rubbish. That's if your work gets through the door at all - lots of agents, production companies and publishers won't accept submissions from what is referred to damningly as "the public".

So God bless the BBC, firstly for having an ever-open door to unproduced writers' work, and now for organising a comedy beauty contest: Laughing Stock 2011. Submit a script and win a bit of attention.

I'll be one of the judges, and believe me I am rooting for you, because I watch TV too and there's nothing better than hilarious new writing to remind us all why we struggle away at the comedy coal face rather than getting a proper job.

BBC Writersroom and BBC Comedy Commissioning have just launched Laughing Stock 2011, a nationwide competition to find new comedy gold.

For further details, and to find out how to enter, visit the Laughing Stock opportunities page.

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