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  1. Writer

    Eileen adapted 'The Mysterious Death of Jane Austen' for BBC Radio 4. She blogs about working with advice from fellow Austen-adaptor Andrew Davies and some surprising resources for writing idiomatic dialogue.

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  2. Writersroom Reader

    Scriptroom reader Sally Stott explores some of the myths around script-reading and the team of readers that work for BBC Writersroom.

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  3. Writer

    Writer Jed Mercurio blogs about the development process of the second series of BBC Two's highly successful police drama 'Line of Duty'.

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  4. Writer

    The writer and Executive Producer of BBC One's 'The Musketeers' blogs about the challenges of breathing new life into such a well-known and frequently adapted classic.

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  5. Writer

    Hayley Squires on writing her hard-hitting new play, Educator, for The Wire on BBC Radio 3.

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