New script: Hidden

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We've just added the script for episode 1 of BBC One's conspiracy thriller, Hidden to our script archive:

Hidden - Episode 1 by Ronan Bennett

Here's an introduction to the script from Ronan:

"Before I start writing I need to know who my protagonist is. Who is he? What does he want? What is his dramatic need? For me, character comes first, always. The emphasis in the first episode is on Harry Venn. We see him with his assistant, with his girlfriend, his ex-wife, his son, an old client. And we see him with mysterious Gina who lures him with the promise of information about his brother Mark, presumed killed twenty years ago. Harry is obsessed with finding out how and why Mark died, and this powers Harry through the twists and turns of the plot, even when repeatedly warned that his pursuit of the truth could send him to prison for life. "

Watch a preview clip below:

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