Project X

Hello. This is my first entry here, so as new kid on the blog I should probably introduce myself a bit:

Hello. My name is Daniel. Hello. I've been working as a full-time writer for four years, writing sitcoms and children's programmes, and last year I wrote my first series I'm With Stupid for BBC3.

It can be a tedious and frustrating process writing TV scripts and through this blog I hope to share some of that tedium and frustration with you. It can also be massively fun and rewarding, which I won't mention.

So what am I working on at the moment? I've just finished putting together a treatment for a new sitcom, and it's in a BBC executive's inbox at this very second. I'm hoping she might commission a script. For now I will call the treatment Project X, not because it is a remake of the 1987 drama about Matthew Broderick's love for a monkey, but because I don't want to go into loads of detail about it only to have it rejected and to look like a div.

In the spirit of Abi's cliffhangers, I'll let you know what happens. If Project X gets thumbs-upped I'll keep some sort of record of how the writing progresses. If they chuck it out then I suppose I'll write about what I'm watching on daytime TV.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hello.


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