After 21 years in sunny Norfolk I decided to lock up my combine harvester and head north.

I worked in Daytime television for three years and decided the time had come for me to explore and develop my skills.

Having always been a huge fan of Northern comedy, and Blanche from Coronation Street, I decided that Manchester would be the perfect place to start.

I began a degree in Media and Performance at Salford University in 2004. Over the past three years I've tried my hand at all sorts, including stand-up, but have always enjoyed writing the most.

I suppose it comes from a love of the way people talk to each other, and I love nothing more than listening in to old ladies' conversations on the bus.

After taking a scriptwriting course at university last year I realised that writing for television was something I really wanted to pursue. Luckily for me, my lovely tutor put me in touch with Comedy North and after being put forward for the Writer's Bursary I won.

Winning the Bursary and working with the comedy department here in Manchester has been a dream come true. I still can't quite believe that they've let me in to the building, let alone given me all the support and advice I should need in embarking on a career in writing.

I couldn't have hoped for a better opportunity, particularly at the beginning of my career.

Now I just have to write that award-winning sitcom...