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  1. radio silence and the Edinburgh Fringe

    Saturday 28 July 2007, 16:27

    Richard Hurst Richard Hurst Writer

    So much for my promised updates on the progress of my entry for the Verity Bargate. Still, I got it done and delivered, so all that remains now is to wait for the inevitable rejection letter. I can add it to the knock-back I had for a recent radio project and the lingering sense of loss from all my failed...

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  2. Ah, the children's comedy-drama of the night...

    Wednesday 25 July 2007, 18:34

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Not one but two new entries in the Script Archive - the first and last episodes of Young Dracula.

    Episode 1 - When You're A Stranger
    Episode 14 - Countdown

    Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.

    As usual, you may need to download Acrobat Reader to read the scripts if you don't have it already.

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  3. Tools of the trade

    Wednesday 25 July 2007, 16:12

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    One of the things that will make you look more professional as a scriptwriter is sending out your work in proper script format.

    Script format is different in radio, television, film, and on the stage, to allow for the different requirements of each medium. Fortunately we've got a page on the website...

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  4. Criminally Good

    Monday 16 July 2007, 19:05

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Tony Burgess was our first writer in residence at Comedy North - and from that he's been commissioned for a series on BBC3.

    Find out more about The Visit - and watch the episodes before they're transmitted - at the BBC Comedy website.

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  5. Red Planet Pictures

    Monday 16 July 2007, 15:57

    Piers Beckley Piers Beckley

    Tony Jordan's been a busy man recently.

    Having left his post as Story Consultant on EastEnders, he's just created cop show Holby Blue for the BBC (now renewed for a second series) and Moving Wallpaper and Echo Beach over at ITV.

    There's a new interview with him in the Guardian, and he's set up a new...

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