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EastEnders: E20

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Fiona Mahon | 12:04 UK time, Monday, 18 October 2010

Another new script has been added to our script archive:

EastEnders: E20 - Series 2, Episode 1 by Emer Kenny.

Read an introduction below from EastEnders: E20 producer Deborah Sathe, where she talks about finding and developing new talent for the writing team, and the challenges involved in showcasing Albert Square through the eyes of four teenage characters.

The cast of EastEnders: E20.

Deborah Sathe

As producer on EastEnders: E20 I am across all aspects of production including recruiting, training and commissioning the writers. I work with a script producer every summer on the E20 summer school where we, together with a bunch of writers aged 16-22, create the characters and stories for each series of E20, whilst teaching the young team how to write for Online and Television.

To get onto the E20 writing team a writer has to write a monologue for a character they would like to see on television, which they send in to E20, then if we like what they have written, the writer is asked to create a scene introducing their character to an established EastEnders character confessing love. Then they come for an interview and after that we select the most promising writers. We look for people that have a good ear for dialogue, story ideas, and who will learn quickly. And you don't have to be a fan of EastEnders to get on!

E20 is a different animal to EastEnders. The joy for the audience is watching these four new Londoners invade Albert Square and seeing what they think of Walford. Our young characters have to survive without their parents or adults, normally young people in EastEnders are seen as part of a family, the E20 kids are always on their own which gives the creative team loads of fun storylines. The style of the show is very different, it's filmed with hand held cameras to give the story more pace, there are jump cuts (where we play around with the shots in the edit), and there is music all over the series. We work with a composer to create a soundtrack for each series.

As Series 2 finishes online (though you can still watch it for the next five years!), I am proud of the characters we created. It's brilliant to see something that was only an idea on a flip chart come to life. Watching the characters march about the Square bumping into institutional EastEnders characters like Billy Mitchell, Masood and Zainab really thrills me. We are currently storylining Series 3 with a new bunch of writers. I could tell you exactly what is going to happen ...but that would spoil it for you! For those who haven't already - go online and watch Series 1 and 2 on the E20 website.


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