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Paul Ashton | 13:35 UK time, Thursday, 19 November 2009

Writersroom is updating the policy on what we do and don't accept, and compiling all our guidelines into one set of Terms & Conditions for anyone sending a script in to us. This is where it lives: Terms & Conditions. They will come into effect as of 1 December 2009.

We will now refer writers wherever possible to this information regarding any questions about submitting a script and how the system works. Much of this is brought together from what already exists on the website. But there are some new changes, the main ones being:

  • We will no longer accept unsolicited adaptations
  • We will no longer accept short films - only scripts of at least 30 minutes
  • We will no longer accept scripts from overseas
We will process any of the above that are already in the system, but will not accept any that arrive from 1 December onwards. We will also be updating various other pages on the site to align with the new guidelines, so bear with us while they update - and do tell us if you spot anything we have missed...


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