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For Your Consideration...

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Piers Beckley | 09:57 UK time, Monday, 29 October 2007

If you don't read Variety or The Hollywood Reporter, you might not see these ads.

Just before award season every year, the studios take out full-page ads in the trade magazines marked "For Your Consideration" - and then points out the film that they think has a chance of winning an Oscar, or an Emmy.

It's to refresh voters memories, or perhaps encourage them to watch a film that they haven't yet seen. They also arrange free screenings for Academy members to help this.

Yeah yeah, I hear you cry, all well and good. So what?

Well, this year Universal are making the screenplays of six films available to download.

So if you're a writer who wants to read the six screenplays that Universal think are good enough to win an Oscar, check these out.

American Gangster
The Kingdom
The Bourne Ultimatum
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Knocked Up


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  • At 03:28 AM on 01 Nov 2007,
  • Liz Holliday wrote:

Thanks for pointing those out, Piers!

This might be going from the sublime to the ridiculous, but is there any chance of getting scripts for any of the following kids' shows for the archive - Charlie and Lola, Jane and the Dragon, Young Dracula or the Sarah Jane Adventures. Thanks!


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  • At 08:52 PM on 02 Nov 2007,
  • Liz Holliday wrote:

Aargh! Just realised Young Dracula's already there! Now, how did I miss that?


I wrote you a comment, but the computer ated it.

Trying again:

You've found the Young Dracula already. Direct links:

Episode 1 - When You're A Stranger
Episode 14 - Countdown

Unfortunately we can't put scripts for any of the Sarah Jane Adventures online, as they may be showing up somewhere else. If this changes I'll let you know.

I appreciate this post, and I'm reading scripts right now.... in order to subtley copy them & get myself a job as a hollywood script writer whilst all the other writers are on strike! :0 ;)

Truth be told, I'm trying my hand at scriptwriting, & formatting the script is an area that I have difficulty with, so reading successful scripts is invaluable :)

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