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Super Tuesday: the numbers

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Robin Lustig | 13:37 UK time, Wednesday, 6 February 2008

More later, but here are the numbers. John McCain is way ahead for the Republicans, as I predicted he would be: he now has 613 delegates, more than half the number he needs to win the nomination, and his rivals are miles behind.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both won around 570-580 delegates yesterday, but Obama came top in more states than Clinton: he won 13, she won eight. Clinton's got about 80 more delegates than he has, but both still have a long way to go.

(UPDATE: Politico.com is reporting: "The Obama camp now projects topping Clinton by 13 delegates, 847 to 834. NBC News, which is projecting delegates based on the Democratic Party's complex formula, figures Obama will wind up with 840 to 849 delegates, versus 829 to 838 for Clinton.")

Oh, and Mike Huckabee did much better than the pundits had predicted: he came top in five states and now has 190 delegates (Mitt Romney has 269).

So, the bottom line: Clinton, Obama, McCain and Huckabee all did pretty well; Romney did badly. I'm now in Washington and will be on air from here tonight.


  1. At 11:18 AM on 07 Feb 2008, Bedd Gelert wrote:

    Once again, I'm concerned about all this tosh about 'projections'. What is wrong with actually, er, counting votes ? Isn't this sort of thing about 'calling' the election what got George Bush into the White House in the first place ?

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