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On air at 1700GMT: What makes a good immigrant?

Robyn Bresnahan Robyn Bresnahan | 14:30 UK time, Thursday, 14 April 2011

Authorities checking a passport

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he wants to see "good immigration, not mass immigration" in the UK.

In a speech today, Mr Cameron said "we want to welcome people here, but we want people here to integrate, to learn the language, to build a strong country together."

He said the recent influx of more than two million people a year was straining communities and services throughout the country.

But what exactly makes a "good immigrant"?

Mr Cameron said that problems in many communities stemmed from the fact that some migrants have been unwilling to learn English and integrate.

We'll hear about the British experience, but also from other places with large immigrant communities: Dubai, Vancouver, Nairobi.

Is a "good immigrant" merely someone who blends in to a new country and speaks the local language? On the flip side, is there such thing as too good an immigrant? Are you concerned about very highly skilled immigrants being more qualified than you for the opportunities available?

What do you think makes a "good immigrant" in your country?

We'll be discussing this at 1700GMT, so please tell us where you're from and post your thoughts below.

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