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On air at 1700 & 1800GMT: Libyan rebel forces killed by Nato air strike

Sarah Holmes Sarah Holmes | 15:57 UK time, Thursday, 7 April 2011

Picture showing injured men in hospital beds

This topic was discussed on World Have Your Say on 7 April 2011. Listen to the programme.

With fighting still going on in cities across Libya and the no-fly zone still being enforced by Nato, reports from rebel forces in eastern Libya say that a Nato air strike has killed at least 12 rebel fighters.

Benedict comments on libyafeb17.com

I have to say I am puzzled. They [the coalition forces] seem to take the view that there should be no on the ground co ordination, to avoid suggestions that they are the rebels' air force, but that lack of co ordination is making them a bit counter productive.

And Canada Phil posts on the same website to say:

It should be absolutely NO SURPRISE to anyone that this was going to happen and will continue to happen.

What's your reaction this news? We'll be talking to people in Ajdabiya to find out what is happening there. If you have any questions for them you can post them here.

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