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Your questions to Gaddafi's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim

Gabriela Pomeroy | 09:11 UK time, Friday, 4 March 2011




Today you can talk to Colonel Gaddafi's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim live on BBC World TV at 1500 GMT. He'll be answering your questions and explaining why Colonel Gaddafi is not stepping down.

Gaddafi told the world in a speech earlier this week: "I dare you to find that peaceful protesters were killed" and blamed young people on hallucinatory drugs for the violence. You can ask his spokesman Moussa Ibrahim yourself about that.

Mr Ibrahim told CNN the rebels are led by Al Qaeda and there has been no government massacre of civilians.

"I invite ... every fact-finding mission possible in the world. All NGOs, governments are all welcome to check that there are no massacres, no bombardments of civilians, and that the case in Libya is a case of an armed rebellion against a united country. "

"Thousands of highly trained al Qaeda affiliates who operate in Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria, and Afghanistan have hijacked this movement ... These are young people who are led by al Qaeda fanatics."

You can read the full transcript of Moussa Ibrahim's interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper here.

Mr Ibrahim has also told BBC radio that the International Criminal Court's plans to investigate Gaddafi for crimes against humanity are "close to a joke."

For the latest development in Libya see the BBC's Middle East Livepage.

Call, text, email, post your questions to Gaddafi's spokesman. You can talk to him live on World Have Your Say on BBC World TV at 1500.

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