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Life in Tahrir Square

Sarah Holmes Sarah Holmes | 11:31 UK time, Thursday, 10 February 2011

Protestors in Tahrir Square at night

Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of Zakaria. He lives in Cairo and has been taking part in the protests there. He's also been a regular on World Have Your Say over the last few weeks telling us about what's going on. Here he describes what things are like in Tahrir Square at the moment.

When you enter Tahrir square you are greeted by a line of protesters who cheer you in singing you a song that says "welcome our champions, welcome our heroes, the square needs you, the square always needs more of you".

The line is also an organising line to differentiate between the ones entering and the ones leaving. Tahrir square is possibly the most orderly self organised place in all of Egypt as well the most polite and courteous.

A friend of mine remarked that when you enter Tahrir square you see an Egypt without Mubarak or his regime which is organised polite clean and positive as well as an absence of all the negative aspects that had developed in Egypt like sexual harassment, when you leave you see an Egypt still suffering from both.

Overlooking the demonstrators in Tahrir Square

There is so much creativity in Tahrir square people constantly develop new slogans, posters and chants, There are hundreds of artistic expressions, one of the rare places where freedom of expression is not discouraged.

Thus in my opinion Tahrir square is the only democratic place in Egypt right now. And I constantly go there just to experience that freedom.

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