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Are the protesters losing the fight ?

Gabriela Pomeroy | 09:19 UK time, Friday, 11 February 2011



They thought they were on the crest of the revolution yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets for more than two weeks shouting "go away" to President Mubarak, but then he came on TV last night and told them he's not budging.

We're talking about this on BBC World TV today at 1500 GMT.

Despite the president's out of touch, out of time message to the people, Tahrir Square remains defiant. Thousands of people are streaming into the square today, and they're camped near the state TV building, presidential palace and parliament.

Can bloodshed be avoided ?

The army is expected to make an announcement today. Who's side are they on?

Yesterday's leaks and rumours that he was leaving, and then that he wasn't, suggest there is a split within the army leadership between the factions that want him to stay and the ones leaking the new rumours that he was about to say he was standing down.

Hadel tweets from Cairo:

"Protesters planning to shut down state tv today."

Ian in Egypt has tweeted:

"The mood in Tahrir this morning is tense. Protesters are angry and frustrated."

The blogger Sandmonkey writes:

"If the regime and the army has split, we could see major fighting and bloodshed today. If the Army is with the President, then they will all turn their guns on the Protesters, who are determined not to live under Mubarak rule for one extra day. ..This has become a fight for survival: it's either the regime or the people. The bad news is, the regime has all the weapon and organization. The good news is, the people are determined and increasing in numbers and the army might step in and save us all unnecessary bloodshed."

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