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Does this picture offend you?

Sarah Holmes Sarah Holmes | 12:50 UK time, Friday, 28 January 2011

An American supermarket has caused outrage after covering up US Weekly magazine which showed Elton John, his husband David Furnish and their new baby Zachary.

The Arkansas Harp supermarket censored the image with a cover which read: "Family shield: To protect young Harps shoppers." To view the picture click here.

One shopper expressed her fury by taking a photo of the covered magazine and posting it on Twitter, sparking a debate on the social network site.

Guzniffer tweeted:

America's got it right! Elton John and baby: Normality that nature and God planned is compromised! Protect the young and impressionable! Censor!

Paul commented on the Daily Mail website:

It's our choice if we want our children to see images of it plastered all over the front of magazines in these shops. This is nothing to do with homophobia, as i have a gay brother, who by the way agrees with my comment.

Aine said on Facebook:

Where was this!!!?? What a complete disgrace!! That shop should be taken to court!! Family Shield!! With such a beautiful family behind this!! And one of the cutest babies ever.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) expressed their anger on their blog:

Obviously, someone felt that shoppers should not have to look at this smiling, happy couple and their newborn baby.

The store said they were responding to complaints from shoppers and were not expressing their own opinions.

They have since reversed their decision and removed the cover.

What's your reaction to this?

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