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Life in Abidjan Part 2

Sarah Holmes Sarah Holmes | 17:00 UK time, Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hi, I'm posting this on behalf of Anthony. He is another of our regular contributors in Ivory Coast.

A few days ago Toorey wrote a piece on life in Abidjan (you can read his post here) and we invited Anthony to do the same. He paints a different picture of the situation in the city. All these words are his own.

UN soldier driving down a main road in an armoured vehicle

The latest development in the stand off

The status quo in the post electoral crisis in Ivory coast is one of the ugliest chapters of our democratic history. This impass has generated a fearful atmosphere in the mind of Ivorians.

Innocent people are threatened by the pityful military intervention issued by the international community to exterminate the Ivorian people.

At this moment, Ivorian whish the situation will go better having in mind that they belong to the same country.

What life is like in Abidjan

Like any state in crisis, Ivory Coast has lost most of its economic potentials.This is the dark outcome of the post electoral dispute orchestrated by the opposition leader Alassane Ouattara.

Photo shows a deserted market place in Abidjan.

Here in Abidjan some firms have closed doors while others are going through serious economic deficit because of the risk of social implosion. According to some observers, things would work better if the international community resorts to dialogue to solve the electoral dispute.

Yet, since three weeks business sector has regained confidence. Consequently, the pillars of the economy like the port and the airport work at a regular rate.

Moreover, banks are opened and unlike rumours, civil servants have been paid by the government.The educational system also works in the South, trade and business are made possible thanks to the safety guaranteed by the regular army.

As you can see, Ivorians have lost some of their habits during the post electoral dispute, but the government of President Laurent Gbagbo is making every endeavour to renovate our lost Eden ;Ivory Coast.

Do you have enough to eat ?

Ivory Coast has developped an agricultural system to maintain food supply in the country. Though the post electoral dispute disrupted food supply during the crisis climax,everything is quiete normal today.

Picture shows a UN soldier driving along a main road in an armed vehicle.

As a result the civil desobedience issued by the ex-prime minister Guillaume Soro and his mentor Allassane Ouattara was doomed to fail because Ivorians hardly listen to their vociferations in their republic of Gulf hotel.

The new year day was a day of abundance in families we visited.Unlike certain allegations,people follow their diet,but like in other countries poor people have problem to provide their family with food in Ivory Coast.

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