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On Air: Haiti: One Year On

Nuala McGovern Nuala McGovern | 11:40 UK time, Wednesday, 12 January 2011

This topic was discussed on the 12th of January 2011. Listen here 

As of right now, Haiti will never rebuild. I mean I don't see any sign. For something to rebuild you have to see signs. You have to see hands put in. You have to see actions. You have to see talks. I don't see any of it.

That's Astrel Jacques speaking to Mathew Price on the BBC. It was a year ago, that the Caribbean nation of Haiti was struck by a powerful earthquake that killed up to 300 000 people, and injured hundreds of thousands more. Since 12 January 2010, Haiti has also suffered a hurricane, floods, cholera and election violence.

WHYS has broadcast from Little Haiti in Miami and the Terrain Acra Camp in Port-au-Price. On today's show, BBC's James Fletcher in Haiti will be with Dris who blogged for us, and other Haitians you have come to know over the past year. We'll also have a local politician and aid workers take your questions. WHYS plans to go back to the Terrain Acra camp in the coming weeks, one year since we broadcast there. Here are some excerpts from those shows.

Many of you are frustrated by the lack of progress despite the fundraising efforts. Former US President Bill Clinton had this to say about Haiti yesterday 

Nobody is more frustrated than I am that we haven't done more

but he did add that he thought things were changing 

I'm encouraged. If you look at how much faster it's been going in the last four months, and if you look at the level of activities that we have in the streets, I think that we are doing better

Here's some of your questions and comments for them from our Facebook page today.

Ginger in Zambia

Do all the victims have proper shelter by now? If not, what is the government doing for the victims that were left homeless and those that can't find their families?

Moe wrote:

For Haiti the whole relief efforts have been peppered by the political elites who think they could make political gains by playing politics with the livelihood of their country men...This why Haiti has not moved on even after 1 year after the disaster.

Samuel in Kenya wrote

It's commendable how the Haitians have coped even to organise elections in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

 Post your questions and we'll ask our guests in Haiti today.

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