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On Air: Your questions to "Anonymous"

Chloe Tilley Chloe Tilley | 19:00 UK time, Thursday, 16 December 2010

Image courtesy of JacobDavis

They've been labelled the WikiLeaks hackers. A group of activists who've attacked the websites of companies they accuse of colluding with governments to censor WikiLeaks. Now members of "Anonymous" are coming onto World Have Your Say to take your questions, after so many of you got in touch asking to speak with them. On Friday's show we'll be live at the house of one member, Hamster.

Last week the group took down various websites including VISA, Mastercard and Paypal after these corporations stopped processing payments to WikiLeaks. The Swedish government's page was also offline for eleven hours on Tuesday night. It's been reported today Anonymous are also using posters and bombarding fax machines to continue their campaign.

Here's what they say on their site:

We are your brothers and sisters, your parents and children, your superiors and your underlings. We are the concerned citizens standing next to you. Anonymous is everywhere, yet nowhere...We are Anonymous. You can be Anonymous, too. Together, we can shape society.

According to their site, they also oppose the Church of Scientology and were involved in catching a Canadian paedophile.

The Guardian newspaper says Police in the UK are launching an investigation into the online attacks.

Unsurprisingly, there's a huge online buzz about Anonymous. Greek blogger Deathwing000 charted Operation Payback and says:

It's expected that both MasterCard and Visa change their minds and start fighting the government of the USA instead of blocking the defenders of freedom and truth.

Other internet users have suggested the group could be a victim of it's own success and ask- what happens if WikiLeaks exposes Anonymous?

Zen writes:

Supporters of Assange are naive, they are either ignorantly unaware that they are stabbing their own freedom in the heart or they are simply paid agents of the enemies of the USA such as Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and the Jihadists.

Do you see Anonymous as a group fighting for truth and free speech? Or a minority of troublemakers inconveniencing millions of people around the world by targeting these companies? Post your questions for Hamster here.

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