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Maple Syrup and Charcoal?

Dan Damon Dan Damon | 08:38 UK time, Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hi, this is Dan with Newshour today.

The campaign group Sense About Science says that this year there has been a big rise in dubious theories about how the body works.

Cheryl Cole told the world about her blood type diet and how it gave her extra energy.

Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John says that she takes digestive enzymes and plant tonics to boost her immune system.

Other unusual ideas about boosting bodily functions have prompted strange diets, from Naomi Campbell's maple syrup, lemon and pepper regime to Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding sprinkling charcoal over her meals.

Sense About Science says there's no need to 'boost' because the body does it naturally, and there are no shortcuts to good food and enough exercise.

Have you tried a 'celebrity diet?' How did you get on?

Or do you think they're all nonsense?

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