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Gamu go home ?

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 14:50 UK time, Wednesday, 6 October 2010

This is Gamu Nhengu and she is facing deportation from the UK to her native Zimbabwe.

A straightforward enough story, routine even. But Gamu seems to have won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people here after appearing on the X Factor.

The 18 year old was controversially voted off the show last week amid dark- and unproven- rumours that her impending deportation affected the decision.

Since then, this Facebook page "Gamu should have got through" has 220 thousand people signed up- and this one- campaigning against her deportation- has just started.

The story's got everyone here (well, pretty much everyone) talking.

Should she be deported after 8 years in Scotland ? Isn't she exactly the kind of person who makes a contribution to the society they live in.?

Or has fame skewed the argument ? Just because she was on the television and can sing well, why should she be treated any differently when her visa runs out ?

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