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What's stopping help getting to Pakistan ?

Nuala McGovern Nuala McGovern | 09:22 UK time, Monday, 16 August 2010


Here's a 'top' tweet from PalFairTrade

Imagine if all of New York City was made homeless from floods. A third are starving. Now double that number & don't talk about it.

Ban-Ki Moon, UN secretary general visited Pakistan yesterday and wanted to talk about it, he had this to say:

In the past I have witnessed many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this.
He also said:
I am here also to urge the world community to speed up their assistance to Pakistan.

Comments about Pakistan and ways to help, have become a trending topic on Twitter today but aid is not coming as fast as Pakistanis need.

Why is it taking so long for help to arrive?

BBC reported that right-wing organisations, including banned extremist groups, are leading the relief and rescue effort in flood-hit Pakistan as Pakistan's government is dogged by accusations that it has been slow to respond to the crisis.

Pakistan's opposition leader says his country does not need Western aid and should

stand on its own two feet

Pakistan isn't taking every offer of aid though, they are currently mulling whether to accept a 5 million dollar aid offer from India.

Amissi asked this question on our Facebook page:

What could the world do in order to save lives during floods?

Well, do you think your country has done enough to help Pakistan? Does the world need to wake up and speed up their relief efforts?

And do you think Pakistan's leaders are in any way to blame for insufficient aid getting to Pakistanis.

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