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Do you want to know if this picture has been airbrushed ?

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 11:15 UK time, Wednesday, 4 August 2010

winsletgq.jpgBritain's Girl Guides do.

20 thousand have signed a petition urging the British PM David Cameron to force magazines to tell readers when photographs have been digitally enhanced.

They say airbrushing is undermining the self-confidence of an entire generation.

We've been here before of course. The picture above caused a bit of upset to Kate Winslet who'd approved the original images, but not the re-touched ones.

Keira Knightley knightley.jpgcomplained about the U.S publicity posters for King Arthur as they had been changed to give here bigger breasts ;

"Those things certainly weren't mine " she said.

twiggy.jpgThere were 700 complaints about a commercial which made 60 year old model Twiggy look wrinkle-free.

Britney Spears however,britney.jpgallowed pre-airbrushed images to be seen alongisde the enhanced ones in a magazine shoot in April.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has already complained about unhealthy images contributing to eating disorders..

So why don't magazines agree to carry a mark or a sign on the photo to let everyone know that the model or celebrity doesn't really look like that ?

Is it down to the models themselves not to consent to having their images manipulated ?

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