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On Air: How important is it to the world that Israel and the US get along?

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 17:00 UK time, Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Binyamin Netanyahu's on his way to the U.S for more talks with President Obama today. The Israeli PM arrives with questions , according to this article, "that rarely get asked in Washington"

: is Israel ‑ or, at the very least, its current government ‑ endangering US security and American troops?

A former director of intelligence assessment for the U.S defence secretary published a paper last month called Israel as a Strategic Liability which also questions the established relationship.

In The Jerusalem Post, a former editor-in-chief of the paper wrote this week :

'Even Netanyahu knows that the longer we hold on to the occupied territories, the greater the threat to our survival as a Jewish and democratic state.'

The clock is ticking, says this article, on proper, direct Israeli- Palestinian peace talks ;

'Only with a more open, trusting and effective dialogue, which has been missing since Netanyahu and Obama took power, can a September diplomatic meltdown be avoided.' #

 The talks should aim for trust, says Samuel Segev in today's Winnipeg Press. Rebuilding trust to restart negotations seems to be the call of the day.

Will the talks mend a broken relationship or reassure Israel on where in stands in US eyes? This article thinks so and calls today Netanyahu's second chance.

So there's peace talks, there's the settlement issue, and the fact that some believe that American soldiers - and citizens for that matter- are more liable to be targetted because of the close ties between the two countries ?

So with the questions being asked, do you think the USA's unwavering support for Israel is against their interests ?

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