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Why would these people prefer to work for a white family?

Claudia Bradshaw Claudia Bradshaw | 10:52 UK time, Friday, 25 June 2010

Ros presented World Have Your Say from John and Martha's home, a 'shack' in Kliptown, Soweto on Thursday 24th June. During the last few minutes of the programme Ros asked the people gathered there, many of whom are unemployed, if they would consider doing domestic work. Most weren't very keen on the idea but it was the answer to the next question, which really surprised many of us listening. I have edited some highlights of the conversation, which you can listen to here and you can catch the whole show (until 1st July) by listening to the podcast here. The discussion about working as a domestic for black people is in the last 10 minutes of the podcast.

What does this say about post apartheid South Africa? Why do you think these people prefer to work for a white family?

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