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On air: Who to cheer for now? Should African fans support Ghana?

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Ben James Ben James | 06:46 UK time, Saturday, 26 June 2010

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We discussed this question on World Cup Have Your Say on Saturday 26 June: click here to listen again to the programme

So we're in the knockout stages of Africa's World Cup - and Ghana is the sole surviving African team.

This is what South Africa football legend Jomo Sono has been saying ahead of the Ghana USA game tonight:

Africans are very loyal to Africa. The whole of Africa will definitely support Ghana! We'll all play for Ghana to go as far as the final.

This is a rather different mentality to elsewhere in the world.

Imagine a former England stalwart - say Terry Butcher - giving a clarion call to England fans to get behind Germany for the rest of the tournament, after a penalty shootout defeat tomorrow!

So if your team is now out - or wasn't even in South Africa in the first place - how do you work out who to support instead?

This website built by charity the World Development Movement helps you choose a team from a country that deserves your support - based on things like the happiness of the population, inequality and other social justice issues.

But maybe your reasons will actually boil down to something less worthy - you like the kit, admire the goalkeeper's haircut or went on holiday there once.

If you're a Nigeria fan, could you really get behind your rivals Ghana?

If you're a Liverpool fan, could you really support Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal?

If you like fluid football, but have an aversion to orange, could you really support the Netherlands?

Who are you cheering for now and why?

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