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On air: Should Greeks be more grateful for the bail-out?

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 16:20 UK time, Monday, 3 May 2010

It's worth a cool 146.2 billion dollars, and there's no way the Eurozone members and the IMF would have signed off the three-year package for Greece, if the Greek government hadn't been promising a range of austerity measures.

Yet, according to opinion polls around half the Greek population is prepared to take to the streets to oppose these austerity measures - something that some of you are far from impressed about. As it was this or defaulting on a debt payment, a little gratitude might be in order you argue.

The counter to this though, is that these problems were created by foreign business and by middle-aged and older Greeks. Young people feel they are being punished for something that did not create.

I wonder if you agree with that, and if you feel the same can be said for the debts being passed on to young people around the world.

Have those between 30-70 years old, bequeathed their children and grand-children the cost of their lifestyle?

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