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On air: Is North Korea a real threat to the world?

Sheetal Parmar Sheetal Parmar | 10:03 UK time, Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Chloe here, there seems to be alot of confusion about North Korea and whether it is an aggressor we should fear, or a victim without the power to inflict any damage... should it want to. So on today's show we are assembling a panel of 3 people to answer your questions about North Korea. You can post them here.

Sheetal's original post:
Not according to Michel Chossudovsky from this think tank.

North Korea is portrayed in the international media as a threat to global security, but there is absolutely no evidence to that effect.

And he's not the only one. Douglas H Paal at the Carnegie Endowment for International peace thinks the threat to the world is rather small:

North Korea is an industrial midget and not really in a position to pose a large-scale threat to the neighborhood.

There's no doubt South Korea has the military firepower and some powerful international friends, so as this article suggests, why can't South Korea stand up to North Korea?

Maybe Hillary Clinton's support will give South Korea the confidence boost it wants, and she thinks the world has a duty to respond. But does it?

South Korea, of course, is in the line of fire, so to speak. But is the possibility of North Korea using it's nuclear weapons against other countries real? And with relations between the two neighbours arguably at their worst for some time, surely the threat is regional? Or is any response from North Korea a threat to us all?

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