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How do you define your quality of life?

Krupa Thakrar Padhy Krupa Thakrar Padhy | 09:42 UK time, Thursday, 27 May 2010

viennamagic.jpgGood going Singapore, felicitations Geneva and despite your financial woes- way to go Dubai. But a special 'ich gratuliere' to Vienna who have come out top in Mercer's quality of life survey.

More details on the report here.

iafricaProperty on Twitter wants to know where South African cities featured.

H.D.S. Greenway at the International Herald Tribune writes why South Africa's best bet, Cape Town, may well have lost out.

Clean air is important, which would automatically knock out Shanghai and Hong Kong, two of the world's most vibrant but smoggy cities. Crime, too, has to be considered, which would have put Africa's beautiful Cape Town, in doubt, and maybe Rio de Janeiro as well. And all on both lists are in firmly liberal and stable democracies, which lets out a lot of the developing world....

and on Vienna he adds,

Vienna used to seem a little sad - all those grand imperial buildings with no empire left, stuck on a dead-end street at Western Europe's Cold War frontier. But with the Iron Curtain gone, Vienna is once again at the center of the Central European crossroads and is enjoying its place in the sun.

At the bottom were Baghdad; Bangui, Central African Republic; and Ndjamena, Chad. Do you live in any of these countries and what are your thoughts on the results?

The conversation's in full swing at the Huffington Post.

And check out this quiz on the BBC on the best and worst places to live.

Bangalore Buzz on Twitter is proud of their city.

BangaloreBuzz Bangalore is BEST Indian city for expats: Mercer's 2010 Quality of Living Survey Report ;-)

And Vancouver's got a huge following across the blogs and Twitter,

VancityBuzz Vancouver ranks 4th in the world for quality of life! http://bit.ly/clRxwj Always #1 in my heart

Which factors are most important for you when it comes to quality of life?

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