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On air: Can opposing parties ever govern successfully?

Sheetal Parmar Sheetal Parmar | 13:04 UK time, Wednesday, 12 May 2010

It's hardly a meeting of like-minded politics, but somehow two British political parties - one on the left, the other on the right - are to govern Britain for the next few years.

The new Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg hopes this will be a "new type of politics".

Commentators have been out in their droves discussing the possible merits of this coalition, some welcoming the prospect of this truly democratic government, others lamenting the idea that two parties so far apart on the political scale, can effectively work together while in power.

So will this new coalition, and the concessions they've made to each other, herald a more compromising government?

This blogger says the fact that the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are so far apart on the political scale, will actually help to form a better government.

Can left-wing and right-wing governments do an effective job if, fundamentally, they are opposed to each other?

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