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David Mazower | 10:03 UK time, Thursday, 22 November 2007

Hi It's Karnie on the blog this morning...

I finally got the hang of getting here a little before I'm due to start..just get up really really early and plant yourself at a train station so you have so many options that you have NO chance of getting stuck on a delayed train into London! Well that method worked today at least! Hope you are all well..

England are out of the European championships! The country that "sold" football to the world failed last night to qualify for a major tournament. The country's coached has been sacked. Is English football just not good enough? And where does it all go wrong?

Middle East Peace talks, Condoleeza Rice says talks at Annapolis (next week) represents a big step forward..politicians can talk all the want but are they really listening to what the people in the Palestinian territories and Israel really want?

In South Carolina in the United States political consultants will go to great extremes to smear the the character of political campaigners. Flyers appeared on cars calling Obama a muslim extremist, a theory he was forced to deny during his campaign tour. An anonymous email claims Hillary Clinton was having a lesbian affair with her aide, Huma Abedin...Rob Shealy a Republican consultant says: We're going to see new lows in dirty politics that would have been unthinkable." Outrageous or just simply...an essential political tool?

"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad behaviour is dangerous for Iran". These are comments coming from a hardline newspaper within the country. Such a direct personal attack against President Ahmadinejad is rare in official media in Iran. Is this criticism reassuring and does it take away the feeling of apprehension about Iran's nuclear development programme?

Marriage in the UK is at the centre of political debate. With the politicians agreeing that stability is hugely important for children. A columnist here in the UK talks about: "Why we all need to commit". Have we lost the way in relationships and is stability too boring?

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