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David Mazower | 09:45 UK time, Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Hi it's Karnie again...

Another late train but thankfully I got here just in the nick of time! It's quite a rush getting in earlier than usual..more people, more cars, buses...congestion and delays. All typical of city life. The weather in London is slightly..only slightly better i.e. it's not raining..yet :)

A week later and workers in France are still on strike. They are protesting at pension reforms proposed by President Sarkozy. Are strikes still valid? Do they still serve their purpose? And how effective are they?

Students at oxford University are against rightwing speakers at the Oxford Union. Should there be a platform for racists?

Heather Mills has launched Viva's drive to promote a vegan lifestyle with a call to start drinking rats', cats' and dogs' milk...Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for all plastic bags to be banned from the high street..Environment friendly ideas gone mad? Or can little suggestions make a big difference?

The Queen and the Duke of Edingburgh are flying to Malta to celebrate their 60th anniversary..60 years is a long time and indicates a strong relationship..so what are the secrets to a long marriage?

Ahead of the Middle East talks in the US next week..we ask is there a way forward and is peace in the middle east achievable? How about creating our own Middle East panel on WHYS?

Archbishop Desmond Tutu says the Anglican church is obsessed with the issue of gay priests. He said it should be focusing on global problems such as Aids. Do you agree with him?

An American therapist says, "we should always tell the truth no matter how unpalatable!" He claims radical honesty will change your life. Do you agree with him? Are you able to tell your friend the absolute truth even if he/she looks older? Tired? Is drinking too much? Is honesty really the best policy?

We hear their opinions on climate change, global obesity, genetics..Do scientists now rule the world? How much of influence do they have on our lives?

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