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Calling all news junkies……

Fiona Crack | 12:31 UK time, Friday, 16 November 2007


1. Is your news ticker flicking above your screen as you read this?
2. Are you not paid to, but still know the headlines?
3. Is one newspaper never enough?

Is you answered yes to these, then World Have Your Say needs you.

We're looking for four volunteers, living in four different countries, to take a 48-hour news blackout.

Have you just inhaled quickly with shock? Has the thought of it made your blood run cold?

Ok. You're definitely who I'm looking for.

As part of the 75th anniversairy of the BBC, we're dedicating a special day called 'free to speak'. As regular WHYS listeners you'll be used to sharing the airwaves with our correspondants, guests and interviewees for an hour a day, but we're branching out. We want to hear how some of our listeners felt about taking the voluntary news blackout - how their lives changed without their daily fix of RSS feeds, World Service radio, Digg it, CNN, tickers, pop-ups, the International Herald Tribune, whatever they're used to consuming.

Then we'll be hearing from people whose everyday lives are like the experiment we've just done.

If you think you could take up the news blackout challenge for 48 hours on the 17th and 18th of December and spare 30 minutes on the 19th to come and tell us about it live on the World Service, or want more information on it, please email me at fiona.crack@bbc.co.uk.

Do you know a news junkie? Is it time to tell them they are? Please pass it on…..

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