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better late....

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 17:44 UK time, Friday, 16 November 2007

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...than never. Iain went sick this morning so apologies for the tardiness of this blog. Mind you, given the technology problems we've been having with this blog, you may never get to read this anyway...
I spent most of yesterday at a news programmes "Awayday" (they love them at the BBC) in gorgeous Kew Gardens but it's nice to be back in the office..

First thing i heard when i switched on my radio this morning was about Cyclone Sidi . Our correspondent in Bangladesh said that an early death toll of 60 being so low may be to do with the cyclone shelters across the country...

Benazir Bhutto is out of house arrest but there's clearly no sign of the crisis ending. James Naughtie from Radio 4's Today programme is in Islamabad and is interviewing General Musharraf as i write this..if there's a news line you'll hear some of that in WHYS ..

and i read on the train coming in (what a life i have ) that there are strikes in Germany AND France and we might kick around something on the power of unions...

A lot of people talking about talented but troubled Amy Winehouse here - she's on a UK tour (playing big venues) but- according to reviewers she's been on stage allegedly drunk,. she's been booed and she threatened fans over comments about her husband (he's in prison awaiting a trial). It's an uncomfortable situation we've discussed with Britney Spears - how a celebrity plays out their dramas very publicly..

and after Giselle Bundchen, now Jay Z is "dissinng" (as Ros would say) the dollar too.....which the last time i looked was the most popular story on the BBC website..

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