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Now for something completely different

Martin Vennard | 11:43 UK time, Monday, 8 October 2007

Meanwhile, back in London, one story that is playing big is that of Alison Thorpe who wants her severely-disabled, teenaged daughter to have a hysterectomy to improve her quality of life.

Doctors are seeking legal approval to carry out the operation on 15-year-old Katie Thorpe, who has cerebral palsy, but disabled charities and some experts in the field have cautioned against such action.

Mrs Thorpe says she wants to spare her daughter the problems of having periods. What do you think about carrying out such an intervention on someone who is unable to consent to it?


Iraq's government has called for guards from the US security firm Blackwater to be prosecuted for the shooting of 17 civilians in Baghdad last month.

An official inquiry found the guards had not been attacked, as they had claimed, calling it a deliberate crime. Blackwater has insisted its employees responded lawfully to an attack.

The incident has sparked controversy about foreign security contractors acting with impunity in Iraq. We have talked about this subject before and maybe you would like to return to it today.


Staying with Iraq, a British think-tank has said that the war on terror has been a disaster and that British forces should be withdrawn from Iraq immediately.

The Oxford Research Group says that Britain's foreign policy has played into the hands of Al-Qaeda and other militant groups. Its report comes on the day that the British prime minister, Gordon Brown, is due to make a statement to parliament on the future of British troops in Iraq. Should we be talking about this?


And today is the 40th anniversary of the killing in Bolivia of the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara. Events are taking place in Cuba and Bolivia to mark the anniversary. Four decades after his death Che's image is as well known as ever. Maybe you would like to talk about the legacy of El Che.


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