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Do we mollycoddle our children?

Iain Croft | 10:26 UK time, Monday, 29 October 2007

A childhood expert says that the over-protection of today's children means they miss out on vital experiences and don't learn how to look after themselves.

In a book published today, Tim Gill -- a former British government adviser on children -- argues that society is "bubble-wrapping"' children and exaggerating the risks they face.

Mr Gill adds that the level of playground bullying is being exaggerated and children must learn to cope with name-calling and teasing to help them develop resilience.

Is he right? Do you remember having more freedom, or should that be less protection as a child? Is this zero-risk attitude damaging our youngsters?

We'd like to hear your views.

Child labour

Meanwhile fashion chain Gap has withdrawn from sale children's clothing allegedly made using forced child labour in India. But does ethical shopping help children in poor countries?

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has accused Britain of not doing enough to prevent international terrorism. He was speaking ahead of a state visit to the UK - the first by a Saudi monarch for 20 years - which begins today. King Abdullah also told BBC News that Britain had not made full use of intelligence provided by the Saudis

But some would say that Saudi Arabia needs to get its own house in order before criticising others. One British opposition leader is boycotting the official trip because of Saudi's "human rights record is appalling".

Where do you stand?

And is she the new Evita?
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the wife of the outgoing president of Argentina, has become the first elected woman president of her country.



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