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| 09:43 UK time, Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Good morning,

The monks in Burma have continued to defy military orders to begin new protests - and have been told they will be "dispersed by military force". We discussed the situation on last night's show once again, but will certainly be keeping a close eye on developments today.

Women's Party
Women's politics
Seven women in Poland are causing a bit of a stir in Poland with this picture. The placard read "Poland is a Woman - Women's party", one slogan is "Nothing to Hide" and part of the manifesto reads "dressed or naked we are not only sex objects".

The party, put together by novelist Manuela Gretkowska, argues that the role of women in Polish society has deteriorated under the Nationalist government.

On current form, they won't get the required 5% of votes to enter parliament, but many believe more women will vote for them once in the safety of the polling booth. Would you welcome an all female political party in your country? Do women need female representatives?

"Immigrant school" opens in Ireland
I was interested to read the story of Monika Mulikat, a Nigerian immigrant who lives in Ireland, who was told by a local primary school that "we only pick our own" when trying to register a place for her four year old son Jordan. Up to 100 children were facing the new term with no place at primary school in County Dublin region, so Bracken Educate Together was created. It opened yesterday morning - one local councillor has called it a mini-apartheid. Is this the first school of it's kind? I'd be very interested in speaking to people in the area.

Teenagers in sport
I'm listening to a debate taking place on a domestic phone-in show about young people in sport, after two British junior tennis players were suspended and their funding withdrawn for "unprofessional behaviour". Photographs were found on a social networking site of the pair - and they've been accused of publicising a lifestyle of partying, drinking and eating junk food. Isn't that just what teengers do? Is the punishment too harsh? Or should young people involved in sport make such sacrafices. I really enjoyed Friday's debate about the power of sport, is the issue worthy of a global debate?

And there's a debate going on here over Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan promoting the use of skin lightening creams. Would you like to hear it on the show later?


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