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Time to pull out?

Leonardo Rocha | 11:00 UK time, Friday, 7 September 2007

A lot has been happening as we approach the September 11th anniversary. Talk of troops pulling out of Iraq early, more allegations of Iranian involvement there and a new Bin Laden video.

Most people heard in a poll commissioned by the BBC World Service believe foreign troops should pull out of Iraq immediately.

Thirty-nine per cent of the people heard in the poll say the troops should leave now.

Another 28% say they should go, but gradually, over a year. More than 20 thousand people in 22 countries took part in the survey.

But who are the US-led troops really fighting in Iraq?

The British commander in Basra, Lt. Col. Patrick Sanders, has said that "we are engaged -- or have been engaged -- effectively in a proxy war with Iran".

All that's happening as we approach the September 11th anniversary.

Osama Bin Laden has reappeared on video after three years and, according to Al Qaeda's media arm, will address the American people on 9/11.

Al Qaeda says new Bin Laden video will be released soon.

But does he have to say? How do you feel about it?

Are you angry that six years after 9/11 Bin Laden is free to speak through the internet and the airwaves?

We should certainly be talking about those issues today. Let us know what you think. Post your comments to the blog.

Another issue we should be discussing today is the restrictions on the way kids dress.

Joni has been working on the story for about a week.

A number of US cities has been considering imposing legal restrictions on "baggy pants".

Also in Cameroon there are similar restraints on the way young people dress.

The government there is not keen on baggy pants too or hair extensions.

Our plan was to go ahead with a debate on that yesterday, but we realised we didn't have enough kids to talk about it.

Fine, we want to hear from the grown-ups too -- the authorities, several people who've written to us. But we needed the kids.

Well, today, we'll hear from a group of young people in California and Georgia. They'll be at the Youth Radio studios.

And we're hoping to get more young people talking -- in the US, in Liberia and other African countries, in the Middle East, in Europe.

What do you have to say on that one? Do you think kids should be allowed to dress the way they want? Or there should be restrictions on "baggy pants", short skirts, hair extensions?

What is your view on that? Send us your comments.

Other thoughts for today: Switzerland is the land of peace and neutrality, right? The land of the Red Cross, the United Nations, the Olympic movement.

Well, The Independent, in the UK, says Switzerland is a home to new extremism and racism.

Is Switzerland Europe's Heart of Darkness?


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