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The West Bank wall, fighting cancer and "scruffy" kids

Fiona Crack | 08:53 UK time, Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The West Bank wall

An Israeli court has ordered a the re-routing of wall in the West Bank.
The separation barrier near the West Bank village of Bilin, will be moved. It's a scene of sometimes rowdy weekly demonstrations against the project and will reunite some residents with land they owned but had been unable to get access to. Israeli and Palestinian activists say it's a rare legal victory.

What do you think of the move? Does it affect you? Do you want to hear from people it does?

Cancer come-backs

Jane Tomlinson was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2000 at the age of 36, but hung on until she died on Monday. In the seven years, during gruelling treatments she ran, swam and cycled to raise money to help other people suffering with cancer and netted over £1.75 million

She joins the ranks with other inspirational characters, like Chris Horsman and Geoff Thomas, whose have pushed themselves physically, achieving high level success, after undergoing chemotherapy…..

I've been reading your comments on the BBC debates page, many viewers found hope and courage from stories like Jane's to fight their own battles.

Girl with feet on a seat

Criminal charges against an 18 year old in the UK who put her feet on the seats in a train carriage, have been dropped. Steven Allen says on his blog, dripping with irony, "Thank God we caught her. We can't have criminals like that running wild. Zero tolerance or about time someone made a stand against the little things>

Should kids wear what they please?

From the biggest U.S. city where baggy pants wearers face fines, we have Atlanta city councilman to tell us about the legislation he's proposed, which he says will bring back community standards and keep indency off the streets. But others, particularly in the American Civil Liberties Union think they shouldn't be banned.

It's also a talking point in Liberia where the Education Minister wants to put an end to expensive clothes and hairstyles which he believes leads to peer pressure and dropouts.

Is it time we stopped giving kids a hard time on their clothing choices? We hope to talk to young people, and those trying to bring in legislation to outlaw certain styles of clothing…..

The case puzzling Indians…..

A well-known model who had disappeared was found two-months later begging on the streets in South Delhi. It's caught the imagination of tv reporters, tabloid papers and bloggers alike. It appears that the model Gitanjali Nagpal is not a drug addict as she shows no signs of withdrawal but doctors believe she is "mentally exhausted and emotionally unstable." It ties in a little with my logos yesterday about mental illness in developing countries.

Fantasy dinner guests

And as Sarkozy and Mandela have dinner, I'm wondering what fantasy table plan our listeners would come up with for lively conversations about world affairs? Although there is no public agenda at this dinner, what would you like them to talk about and would you aks your guests to discuss and "solve" problems in the world .

Felix on the net

On Global Voices, Felix has been whipping up a blogstorm in Nicaragua

Trish, of "Sowers for Pastors" currently is hosting a mission team, that given their remote location in the mountains of Honduras, might become stranded by mudslides and poor road conditions. She says:
"Our greatest concern is that the roads between us and the major cities may be significantly damaged, through road washouts, landslides, floods, and destroyed bridges. If the infrastructure of Honduras is severely damaged, this will certainly affect us."

Do you want to hear a round-up of Felix on the blogosphere?

And there's a growing number of you searching the web for news of Steve Fossett, the millionaire adventurer, whose plan has gone missing over Nevada.


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