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Wednesday - Muslims: one leader?

James Harrod | 09:30 UK time, Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Hello. Wednesday on WHYS and first a question to get you thinking.

Who is the leader of the Muslim world? Recently, during a speech to Sunnis and Shiite leaders in Iran - a leading Muslim theologist said:

"One of the main problems of Muslim world is their lack of solidarity. Enemies want to use this as a tool for ruling over them. It is necessary for Shiites and Sunnis to avoid differences and unite under Islam."

Would differences be overcome with the introduction of one leader - on earth - uniting all Muslims. Would a caliphate across the Muslim world work? Who would be the Caliph or head of state? We've touched on this concept earlier this week, so what do you think?

Some other topics we're interested in...

...In Iraq, at least 175 people have died in a series of suicide bombings apparently aimed at a religious minority. The blasts targeted a Kurdish religious minority, the Yazidi sect, near Mosul. At least four blasts hit areas which house the community. It's thought to be the second worst incident since the US-led invasion of 2003.

China is struggling to convince the world its products are safe, after a series of scandals over toothpaste to pet food, from drugs to tyres. Now their toys are in the spotlight. Millions more were recalled by Mattel yesterday, due to fears over lead and magnets. China is gradually becoming a global superpower, but it relies heavily on its exports. Analysts say if the country fails to maintain confidence in its products, then its progress will be stunted. How damaging will this latest scandal be? Does "Made in China" mean anything now? Should we return to this subject?

Should the US fast-track executions? According to this report, the justice department is reviewing legal procedures to prevent prisoners spending decades on death row. There are over 3,300 people on death row in the States. Opponents of the death penalty are concerned that appeals - which could prove innocence - may be cut short. But others are concerned about the money spent on prisoners awaiting their fate. What's your opinion?

The manager of Premier League football club Sunderland has has hit out at "weak" top-flight players for allowing their wives and girlfriends to dictate their careers. Keane's been frustrated at attempts to lure players to the north of England, which - rightly or wrongly - doesn't have as many boutiques as London. Here's a quote from the man himself:

""If they (players) don't want to come because their wife wants to go shopping in London it's a sad state of affairs."

Should a partner dictate the trajectory of your career? Is keeping your partner happy the key to a happy life...or a quieter one?

And one more - bushman David George must have suffered from cramp...at the very least. The Australian was stuck up a tree for six days, while crocodiles circled beneath him. He survived - like any good bushman - on sandwiches he'd prepared for a trip.


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